Is there a certain celebrity or politician that just gets on you nerves?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Umm, all politicians and most celebrities get on my nerves. I always ignore celebrity's lives because they are filled with unnecessary drama meant mostly for a media boost. Unfortunately, I can't ignore politicians as they run my country, God help us... Best of luck to you!

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PJ Stein answered

Pretty much any politician above the local or county level, but Hillary is the biggest offender. As for celebrities, all of the Kardashian clan, but Chris Jenner is the worst.

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ALL POLITICIANS  except I like the Bush family.  I just think they're cute.

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Yo Kass answered

A British pseudo-celebrity called Katie Hopkins. She's worked out a formula for saying controversial and usually quite abhorrent things, and in return she seems to get air time for it. I hope she's just doing it for the attention and to boost her career, because some of the things she says on live TV are really disgusting, and there's a danger that other people learn from her and start acting and thinking like her. Now that's scary!

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Benjamin Coleman
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I wish she would die in a hole. Seriously. I cannot stand her pseudo intellectual rants and trolling. The worse thing is that I'm sure she believes in all the filth she spews.

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