So what do you want for Christmas?


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Darling Divaa answered

I want every animal in every shelter to have a loving forever home....

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Didge Doo answered

I'd love to have Christmas breakfast on the beach. It's great getting out before dawn and watching the sun come up over the surf.

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Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
It's one of the luxuries, Taylor. Most times it's a pretty scrappy meal but occasionally it turns into a feast. :)
Taylor Brookes
Taylor Brookes commented
That's probably better than eating half a chocolate santa and an assortment of other christmas-themed chocolates while waiting for christmas dinner...
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
I'd enjoy the marshmallows, but the connotations might be a bit off-putting. :(
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Chandler Howard answered

A job.

Michael Poland Profile
Michael Poland answered

Mrs Claus.

dragonfly forty-six Profile

Altruistic answer: That every child feels safe, has a full belly, is healthy and loved. That those who suffer will find a time of peace and comfort.

Personal answer: A Maine Coon kitten from a shelter.

Not Online Anymore Profile

I just want everyone to have a good time. I enjoy the fellowship of all the family together eating, talking and watching football. All the kids get gifts in the form of an anonymously contributed santa sack's and the adults participate in a white elephant exchange. It's a fun way to celebrate and not go broke.  I enjoy buying the most odd ball gag gift I can find for the white elephant and watching family laugh and have fun.

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PJ Stein answered

To have as little stress as possible. I also already know what my hubby is getting me. A little "brother" for my pup Arabella. It has been 2 years since I had two dogs  and 9 since I had a puppy.  Lord help me!

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