I don't mean to be disrespectful but why do people think Caitlyn Jenner is a hero? I personally don't like her, never did.


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I think it's a shame the way IT is flaunting ITs sexuality. Bruce Jenner was an American hero after the Olympics and the way he has "come out" as a whatever IT is now is just insulting to our intelligence. I have no problem with cross dressers but the media has just splattered IT all over the place.

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Thanks for posting guys, but it feels like this thread has got a little too personal, and so will be removed.
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I think that its a mistake to use Jenner as a symbol for the transgender community. There are better people in that community than the Kardashians.

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I guess the idea is that, when you're in the media spotlight, it can be tempting to do what is expected of you and play it safe so as not to risk being dropped by the media like a hot potato.

So I think some people feel it's admirable that Bruce was strong enough in his convictions about wanting to be Caitlyn that he didn't care what the media and everyone else thought.

My more cynical side would say that the Jenner/Kardashian family isn't exactly new to playing the media, and coming out may not have been as brave since it was strategically guaranteed to bring more attention to a "character" who was previously a minor player in the Kardashian saga.

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Personally .. I can respect her perserverance, and inner strength to do what she did to find her ulitmate balance .. No one can deny that would have been an excrutiating endeavor on many levels.  However .. I personally don't consider her a 'hero' in the same respect as I would a fireman who runs into a burning building, risking his life to save another .. Or a soldier who also, risks his own life (which includes his personal and family life)  to do what needs to be done ... Or the school teacher who puts in extra time and effort to make a difference in the lives of students that would otherwise fall through the cracks .. that type of thing. The term 'hero' in those instances is not on the same level at all.

I find the media and perhaps even Caitlyn herself are perpetuating this opportunity to do what celebrities spend a lot of time doing .. getting their name into the limelight.  It's the only way to perpetuate one's chosen profession.

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I guess I just have a hard time understanding why a 60 year old would choose make the change that late in life, then try to look like 25 year old woman.

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I don't think IT is a hero. IT deceived ?? And married three women knowing IT wanted to transgender. There are thousands who Honestly struggle with the same issue and don't seem to knowingly deceived millions. Must sacrifice, save, use savings, extra jobs, and wait years to afford the surgery and they're not glorified and highlight and force in our faces on daily. Wasn't IT responsible for someone's death? I don't like the K or KW 😳. IMO none of these people are positive role models for anyone on this planet.

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I can't really say what I want without sounding like a truly awful person. I'm not against the issue, I'm not a fan of "Caitlyn." I wasn't even a fan of Bruce, to quote South Park (oddly enough.) "Why would that change now?" I agree with most of you, there are better people to represent this issue rather than someone like "Caitlyn"...

There are people seriously struggling with, some friends of mine even... And does anyone remember Leelah Alcorn?!?

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