Have you ever had your music so loud, it actually vibrated your eardrums?


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crow robot answered

Your drums always vibrate with siund

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Didge Doo answered

Only once.

I once watched a simulcast of Carmen when the music was broadcast simultaneously on both TV and radio. I had the TV sound turned off so I could listen on FM only.

The performance started with scenes from an actual bull fight but there was no music. So I turned up the sound. And again. And again.

I should have realised what was happening because I could hear the crowd noises as the bull charged and the matador danced, but I kept turning up that volume trying to find the music. Then, as the matador plunged home the sword, the orchestra came in ... And the whole house vibrated, not just my ear drums.

I left it on full volume for the whole of the overture.

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I hope so, otherwise I would be a freak of nature and my ears wouldn't follow the laws of physics, meaning tthat we would have to change the way we thought the world worked and all the work we've done the past 3000 years would have to be revised.

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