What is your favourite sound?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Since this is a sound I hear daily, I thought this video is great !

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SuperFly Original
I used to be able to make my pomeranians howl like that. When no one els was home, Id just start howling and eventually they would both join.
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
No, they're not my dogs. I can only handle one at a time ! LOL. But mine will howl and bark daily!
otis otiscambell
otis otiscambell commented
Oh lord too much its like the law is after me
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Ancient Hippy
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I do the same thing Charles. Always sports radio or a talk show, rarely music.
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Hippy, I was at a village I don't normally visit today and found this shop. I wondered if you were branching out into Australian retail.
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
Whoa, how cool !!! They even spelled Hippy the way my name is spelled.
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Laughter. Especially children.

Wind chimes off my porch.

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Jordan Marshall answered

Music :D

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Matt Radiance answered

The sound of happiness & cheers. It gives me positive energy & it feels good to hear & see people happy. Also specially the sound of happiness of thousand of people in stadium after scoring a goal. It's the most fantastic sound ever!

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Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
I was working the night shift at Reuters in Sydney when England beat West Germany to win the 1966 World Cup. We had no TV in the news room (surprising, but TV was still relatively new in Oz) and were listening on the radio.
The score was 2-2 at full time and England scored twice more in extra time.
That was almost 50 years ago but I'll never forget the sound of the crowd as it bellowed over the radio. I wouldn't have believed there could be so much emotion in a sound.
Matt Radiance
Matt Radiance commented
Amazing story, loved it so much, thank you so much for sharing it with me & actually i'm so glad that you could experience this,so you could feel closely what i was talking about! that sound of cheering & emotion it's the most beautiful thing in the world!
Reyhaneh Seyyed Hosseini Profile

The sound of rain !!

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Rooster Cogburn
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Another great answer ! Been so long since it's rained here that I forgot what it sounds like ! :(
Reyhaneh Seyyed Hosseini
Thank you so much :) well it is about 48 hours since the raining has not stopped !! I wish you a day full of rainy clouds :)
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
There has been a drought here for almost 5 years now ! Hoping for a wet Winter!
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Darling Divaa answered

I've always liked the sound of thunder and rain. Being from Arizona that doesn't happen a whole lot so when it does i love to sit on my porch and listen to it.....

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Karl Sagan answered

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