A brain teaser, There is an abandoned aquarium in an empty house. The aquarium has three large fish and three small fish. But after a week, one large fish and two small fish die. How many remain in the aquarium?


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Three living and three dead (unless their owner removed them as they died.)

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Good point. Those Damn cannibals. It reminds me of Malcolm Turnbull digesting Tony Abbott. Prognosis is not that great. The idea of the Chemo is to slow down the effects of the Parkinson's (Lack of Motor Skills which badly affects my walking/talkig,lack of judgement & co-ordination,Losing muscles in my face which results in slurring speech, shaking limbs) The fact that both my shoulders have been replaced sort of compounds everything as well. I have just finished my third round of Chemo which initially was to be my last but i will need at least one more round but life goes on & hopefully it's just a speed hump in my life & all will be OK.

How is Myla & your friend who was in hospital? I can't remember her name sorry.
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Sorry, I don't know Myla.
My wife was in hospital in July. You may mean her. She's had some setbacks but seems to be coming good slowly. We're optimistic.

So sorry about your slow treatment. I hope it does prove to be only a speed bump. I wish you well.
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I don't know how the name Myla came in to my mind. I'll play it safe & say How is Laptop dog? I think Myla might be Ancient Hippys dog. Not exactly sure to be honest. Us Australians are tough & i can certainly get on top of Parkinson's. I will treat it as a small speed hump on the road of life.

I have to sign off now so i will hopefully talk to you again soon.My doctors told me to keep to my daily routine as much as possible like jumping online as much as i can & walking the dogs rather than being in bed for too long which is easier said than done on the bad days. I will talk to you soon. See ya later.

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