Favourite Wham! Song?


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Jaimie JT answered

Haha :) I'm stumbling apon all these old Q's but I wanna answer them :E I don't really have a favorite "wham " song. But I remember my my mom loved the lead singer when he went solo :) She had such a crush and watched this video often would go nuts over :) my mom wasn't much older than me. And I used to complain about her a lot on another site .. But this song made her happy :) I'm loving on the good memories of my mom tonight :) oh and yes he came out as gay a few years later ... But she didn't mind :) she had some had a lot of good in her... I love remembering that :)

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I wasn't a fan of theirs in the 80's, but I've learned to appreciate George Michaels voice over the years. 

I'd say, Everything She Wants, and, Where Did Your Heart Go, are pretty good.

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