Does music put you in a good mood?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Music is heaven! Why? I'm glad you asked me that. A co-worker talks incessantly and without ceasing. I realise the redundancy in that statement, that is how much he talks. The doctors wired his mouth shut after he lost badly in a fight (leading up to surgery). He still does not shut up!! I put in my noise cancelling head phones and... Peace. Sweet sweet peace.

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Every single time


Yes, because music is everything! Music is the language of your soul, good music makes you relax and it relieves your stress and put you in a good feeling. But make sure to choose songs that are your type! If you like hardcore music, then go, listen to it! If you like love songs, sweet music, just choose what you want 😂😂

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Charles Davis answered

No, Silence does. I often drive a 1,000 miles, or more, without ever turning on the radio or listen to CDs.

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Oh it sure does. I also have music for cleaning the house, I have music for working on the car, I have music mow the lawn, and most importantly I have music to calm me and let me sleep peacefully.  In college I was part of a study to determine how music effected emotions. Instrumentals only really could cause sadness, joy or anger. I even saw an experiment that showed how the vibrations from certain music could affect plant growth.

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