Saturday nights are when I do my laundry. What do you do on Saturday nights?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I literally got finished with a ravaging game of DayZ. I was searching an underground nuclear bunker in a military base on the island of Namalsk. This base was the site for a new super-weapon that the Russians were experimenting on, dubbed Object A2. The weapon had backfired; killing off the population and starting the zombie apocalypse. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't find the weapon. :(

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Matt Radiance answered

It depends! Not every Saturday night turns out the same! But my cleaning part usually is on Saturday and mostly i start in the morning instead of the night!

-Cleaning the house using vacuum cleaner

-Brush dust using cleaning brushes

-Using one wet cleaning paper and a dry cleaning paper on surfaces to wash and dry.

-Emptying trash (which it might be done sporadically through out the day at any day!)

-Putting pillowcases,blankets and counterpanes into washing machine.

-And duh! A clean house and it would be complete with an air freshener ! And ready to have a good weekend and a prepared house for the next week!

Although not everyday Saturday will be a day to do all that! It's dependable! Sometimes schedules comes different! But that's a usual pattern of our house here!

I didn't mentioned the complete laundry such as cloths because i do it daily! Through my daily activities i change cloths a lot and do laundry on a daily basis!

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

During the Summer, I like to have and go to BBQ's with friends and family but during the Winter, I usually watch a movie or go out for Pizza and beer. The rest of the time I spend reading in the evenings.

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Maurice Korvo answered

Saturday is card night. We have dinner with friends, then play cards.

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Roy Lovett answered

My boyfriend usually comes to stay the night because he isn't busy with school on those nights. I will also hang out with friends when I'm not busy with work and college stuff. 

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Both my brothers play hockey & Baseball and they often play on Saturday evenings. So usually after their games / practices, (were last minute planners haha) we will ask someone what there doing that evening and if they aren't doing anything, well invite them and a bunch of other people over. The adults would drink, play cards and dance and the kids  are usually randoms playing video games, blasting music, playing mini sticks etc... This is so much fun and really let me have the best childhood ever :))

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