What was the one present you wanted for Xmas as a child and never got ? Mine was a Barbie caravan, I think that's why I dismembered all my barbies and kept their limbs in a plastic bag under my bed as a child :p what didn't you get ?


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Barbie Dream House. My best friend had one so I went there. She would get mad because I only wanted to play with her Dream House. Actually the Dream House was a ruse, I had the biggest crush on her older brother.  ;)

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My mom gave her mother a list and I gave my other grandmother my list. Both grandmothers picked the same Barbie doll to give me. Oh my gosh - I couldn't believe it!  I had twins!!!!  They were both crestfallen when they saw they had given me the exact same doll, but I was thrilled.

When there are five kids in the family with four of them being girls, wouldn't it be great if you had a twin you could blame all the trouble on? What's better than having a real life twin? Two identical dolls.

I am such a dork. So it wasn't what I didn't get - it was the surprise of an identical gift that worked out for me.

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I wanted a toy Ack Ack gun (yeah, that's the real name of it) but never got it. We spent most days playing war in the neighborhood and I could have really used that.

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You'll shoot your eye out ;p
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My dad always bought me western gun sets with the holsters. They were pretty neat but not too suitable for fighting a war. Like a typical dad, he was probably buying me what HE would have wanted as a kid.
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For all the 'children in Africa to have Christmas presents from Santa'

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