A brain teaser! Which letter of the alphabet is the only one that does not appear in any of the names of the 50 United States?


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The letter Q.

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HelpStop AnimalAbuse
My life is never dull. About 3 weeks ago coming from work a drunk hit me in the head 3 times,the last punch was a coward punch or king hit (My back was facing him so i was not expecting it. My jaw was broken & even after 3 weeks i am still suffering from head injuries so i am getting a CT Scan tomorrow which i am quite worried about what it might show. The good news is the police have caught him & he has been charged with Aggravated assault which is quite a serious charge. He faces caught later next month. Having a broken Jaw isn't much fun either although my Fiancee jokingly says it great not having to listening to me all the time LOL.Give Arabelle a big hug for me. It sounds like the worst is over hopefully. I will keep in touch with you & all my Blurit friends.
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Wow that attack sounds awful! I am glad they caught the guy, but that does little to heal the damage he has done. I wish you a clear CT scan and a quck recovery.
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Thank you for your kind words. I am just praying like crazy the CT Comes back clear. I do have a benign tumour in my brain so i am hoping it has not altered that at all but after almost 3 weeks you would think my head would be Ok but i can't walk a straight line & the concussion is really bad. I sleep & sleep & sleep but i just don't feel better much in my head so i will be crossing my legs & toes & everything else. Arabella is a really great name. It wasn't a typo instead of Anabella??

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