If you have Dish Network, Direct TV or Cable, how many Premium channels do you have? Like HBO or ???


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Ancient Hippy answered

I don't have any premium channels. I had them in the past and never watched them.

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Cookie Roma answered

I have cable but used to have directv. I've NEVER gotten, or ever plan to get premium channels.  I do however have a smart tv and often use huluplus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. 

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Anonymous answered

Currently, I am using Charter Spectrum cable TV in my house that provides popular and premium quality channels in HD including free digital video recording service for recording your favorite shows. With their Triple Play Gold package, I have access to more the 200 premium quality channels like HBO GO, HBO, STARZ ENCORE, NFL NETWORKS, CNN, CINEMAX, MAX GO, and a lot more at significantly reasonable price i.e. $20/month.

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