Do you think that YouTube will become obsolete?


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Matt Radiance answered

Never, unless something much better comes on the line and provide a thousand times better than this company.

Youtube covers a very wide scale of community. Easy ,quick, and useful.

-Official music bands upload their music videos on Youtube, which today is too crucial and music video plays a very important role. Also each band upload a package of MP3 files of the whole album in there as well.

-Doctors, scientific, engineers, ect . . . Upload their researches and works on Youtube as well.

-We have professional Youtubers in a thousand of varied topics.

-So many artists found this chance to be seen more and effectively via Youtube, such as Lindsey Striling. She's a real talented Violinist which started her official career via her Youtube channel and gained attention. Now she's well known.

-Over thousands of tutorial videos through so many different topics get filming on youtube. Such as Origami models, make up designs, college and school courses/tutorials such as math and physics, from how to do a tie to yoga and work out tips. From cooking recipes to sport news and their details. From fashion to productions at any kind.

-So many people do cover over songs and upload it there.

-Every artist, every company, every businessman/woman, every sport and their teams, every show and even the White House has official Youtube channel.

So it's not that easy to consider such a very useful, active and common channel become obsolete. Not in long years!

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Michael Poland answered

Everything but the earth has a sheilf life.

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