WHat are your thoughts on Star Wars. I'm not a huge fan but I want to now why so many people like it?


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Darik Majoren answered

For many it was the wonder of our youth.

When Star Wars came out, we had not seen ANYTHING like it . . . Lucas set the bar for special effects and the movie created the first real term that described what we experienced "Block Buster" . . . This term would define those movies that people were willing to stand outside on the sidewalk in long lines to see . . . First Lucas then Spielberg (Indiana Jones) . . . This changed the whole movie experience for our generation, and we still feel nostalgia when we think of these movies.

For people who like it now, they were caught up in the excitement we had as their parents in sharing this movies with them. Especially as it was paired with the release of the prequels and video games released by Lucas Arts Entertainment. It was a part of their childhood as well.

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Because Star Wars is awesome!  It has a believable plot, characters, and sets, the animations is amazing (especially considering the time period it was filmed in), it's original, and it has awesome weapons!

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