Does anyone know how to solve a Rubik's Cube?


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When I was a kid I always got rubix cube and a slinky in my stocking at Xmas .. I only liked the slinky and I can't find metal slinkys anymore to but my niece anymore so that sucks !! The plastics ones are No good for stairs .. Anyway , I couldn't do a rubix cube so I hate them because I don't like admitting defeat. I just would really be happy though if I could find my niece an old school slinky because I have lots of stairs that deserve a slinky .. I forget the question:/ metal slinkys are so awesome though ! Just fake that this was a slinky question then even if it wasn't .

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Buy the cheap Rubik's Cube and just peel the stickers off and put them back on with the same colors (colours for you Canadians) on each side.

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Tris Fray Potter
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Even my physics teacher, who has post-graduate degrees in maths and physics, and is fully qualified to be an engineer, solves them the same way you do. I personally take them apart, so I can see how it works, and then I can't put it back together, so I glue it together the right way.
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I could NEVER do it the correct way. I tried and tried, just don't have it in me.
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Practice Practice and Practice

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No I gave up a long time ago

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Oh yea. I solved it once, but I was 13 years old. Haven't solved it again since.

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It's easy.

If you pop the right tops of some of the middle letters, you'll find a cross head screw in there (Sometimes it's plastic). 

Dismantle the whole thing and reassemble it in the correct disposition. It's much easier. Then, having solved the problem, take the thing to the nearest dumpster and toss it in.

Now - go and get a life.

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Nope, but I saw a YouTube video once of a 4-year-old Asian girl solving the Rubik's Cube in 1 minute. At least I think that's what the title said.

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