I believe I have a serious shopping addiction. Spending $150 a week at Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. I have tried to cut back but no luck. I am my worse enemy, I always find an excuse to go shopping?


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It IS a true real life addiction some people have. It makes you feel euphoric. It gives you a "shoppers high" when you find the perfect deal. It gives you power when you find something someone else has been looking for for a long time. It makes you think "I don't have a problem. Its not harming anyone. I mean at least it is not like dr*gs or alcohol right?" WRONG! It can take over your life. It can drain your finances. It can crowd your family out of the house if you become like a hoarder. I am being completely honest and heartfelt with this solution here..... Please seek some professional help. You will get through this. :0)

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