Who would win in a fight: Captain America or Wolverine?


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Wolverine!!!... Cos I said so and Xmen are so very awesome :) ! I like mutants cos I do  :) I don't know that other one...but if he's like that one that Robert Downey Jr. Plays in a movie  I don't care for him. That one bores me. I like Robert Downey junior though .. And now I forget the question :/

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Captain America 👍

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered


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Wolverine !

Admantium body

Enhanced physical capabilities, and powerful regenerative ability

Superhuman senses,reflexes, and animal-like attributes

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While Cap has super-soldier serum that gives him slightly enhanced senses, the strength of 10 men, agility and quick healing. He also has his vibranium Shield that reverberated any impact back tot he source.

Wolverine has mutant super enhanced senses, and incredible cell reconstruction and an adamantium skeleton (virtually unbreakable). He also has his claws that are incased in adamantium that can cut through all earth based materials.

Captain tends to hold back, while Wolverine usually has no trouble in killing anything that stands in his way. It would probably be Wolverine that wins.

One of my Favorite Comic covers:

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