Do you own any vinyl records/LPs? Do you have a collection?


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I had a huge collection. My oldest son has them all now. He rediscovered vinyl about 5 years ago. They're in a good home.

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Levi F.
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I don't much of a collection yet, but I own about 30 LPs that I've gotten mostly from the same store. I also bought a new turntable the other day. It's something I want to get into.
Ancient Hippy
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Vinyl has made a great comeback and continues to do so. The nice thing about my son using my vinyl is that we now love the same music. It's a nice hobby to get into.
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Michael Poland answered

Over 500, some are my friends works,

and some are mine.

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I have about 130+ LP/EP house/techo vinyl records alone and maybe around 50-60 other generes records and counting...

It's literally like a record shop in my basement.

I have these racks set up to look like the ones in actual record stores lol.

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Yes, vinyl Lp's and it's fun to recall how through the years I got interested in a certain artist, bought one or a few of their records and then moved on. Tastes shift, evolve, and the best part is I never bought too darned many Lp's so I still have most of them.  Burt Bacharach and Sergio Mendez, Beatles, musicals, big band dance, to name a few. Have some good classical music too, But every year my daughter and I will listen to Christmas music Lp's a couple times,
When many years ago a sister bragged about getting rid of their stereo and Lp's I said nothing but kind of knew better.

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