I have this piece of music for my flute and I can't figure out an easy way to play the notes. They are all in the lowest register. It's a c, d, e, and then a c again. It's all slurred. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you?


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It's really difficult to explain to someone how to play an instrument online, however, I'll give it a shot! You obviously know music basics as you know which notes need to be played...keeping the flute up and down in front of you, (not playing position) try taking each note as an individual, start with "a" finger position....then switch to "c" then switch to the next slowly until you move through the sequence....go through the sequence over and over until you are able to do it fluently. Once you can get the finger position and movements fluidly, try playing it slowly at first, slurring the notes should actually be easier. Good luck!

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