Why is there no metal music category on this site? It has rock, but not metal :(


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Rock actually covers all of that and if in doubt? Just use Topic not relevant for questions. I've seen lot's of metal music questions on here over the years. As far as the Topics area, this site was built in 2006 by the Brits and they probably just didn't think to include that in the sub-topics.

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I personally see rock and metal as two distinct genres (being a metalhead myself), so it bothers me somewhat that metal questions are grouped in with rock. But thank you for the answer!
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I did a little editing on my answer to help a little more. I will suggest it to the Devs but we'll see.
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((I hope my opinion don't offend you, this wouldn't be my purpose at all. And as you are aware Rooster already got it under consideration to respect your wishes and people who might think like you))

I understand your personal feelings with Metal. It's era and kind of style that been created over time. But this Metal genre and it's style it's just a new style and the foundation comes from Rock.

I am completely agree with Rooster here.

Being a musician and lived with music ever since i was a little kid. First of all in the older age of music, there were no such a thing as "Metal" the very first birth place of "Rock" came with "Rock & Roll" then it opened it's way into "Rock" and "Metal" invented out of the "Rock"

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"Heavy metal is a heavier subgenre of Rock that lets go of the Blues influence and packs more power. Some will argue it has over the years become vast enough to be called a genre of its own, but it derives primarily from Rock and not from multiple genres and hence, remains a subgenre of Rock."

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Look at the band AC/DC search them. You'll find this: AC/DC are an Australian rock band, formed in 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. A hard rock/blues rock band, they have also been considered a heavy metal band, although they have always dubbed their music simply "rock and roll".

Through this argue. Metal considered a separate genre but yet when we name the "Rock" music family tree, "Metal" is part of it as well. And for such sites like here. "Rock" means Rock and anything similar.

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Now, you listen to Metal and you consider yourself a Metalhead. I don't hold you an example. But many people who listen to Metal. They sometimes listening to "Death Metal and Black Metal" and you ask them, what you listen ? They go: Metal! But this would bother countries like Finland and Denmark where Dead and Black metal been started from and this is their local music and it's too different from Metal. It's the same connection with you and Rock if you get what i mean. So if we have Metal here! We must have other separated genres because all of them has their own influence.

But Rock covers all. The birth of all of them by the knowledge, music theory and instruments are from "Rock"

So you have to understand the concept and cope with your feelings more. You listen to Metal, you are a fan of Rock genre in the surface.

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