How have you seen, read, and/or heard circus represented in the media and in popular culture more broadly?


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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Sarah Sa,

My experience is similar to could go to the carnival and the circus locally every year in the 1950's when I was a child, and grew up with movies like THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (1952) and DUMBO (1941).

And I am wondering if circus, as we knew it then, may be fading into history media changes...

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Didge Doo answered

The circus doesn't seem to get much media coverage in my part of the world except locally when a circus visits a particular locality.

When I was a kid (back in the 1940s) it was different and several circuses (Worth's Circus and Bullen Bros Circus were the two biggest) visited my suburb every year. There was even a popular radio serial (we didn't get TV in Oz till 1956) called Hagen's Circus.

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