As most of you know, a new Call of Duty game is coming up. I want to preorder it for the bonus game but due to the fact that I'm not even at the age to have a job. What would be the best way to get the 80 dollars needed to buy the new game then?


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As Gator Blu has suggested, you need to find work to do to EARN the money. As you start to mature and grow up, you will realize how satisfying it is to work, earn the money and buy something with the money you have earned. It's summertime - lots of people could probably use some help with yard work, cleaning out their garage, or even babysitting. Good luck.

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Call me Z
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Does it never cease to amaze how those who don't know how to earn money have such confidence in their priorities with it
Danae Hitch
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This is what happens when you don't teach it in your family. Nothing is free.
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You ask people you know if there are any odd jobs you can do. Mow lawns, pet sit, baby sit, etc. We paid my nephew to weed gardens when he wanted some spending money.

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