I like the music questions :) what's your favourite song Eva ! Serious important question ? You have to pick your favourite song and you can never take it back ...Eva !!


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Dear Jaimie,

I always have an absolute new favourite song ever, and I never ever take it back, and here it is for right now...sometime I just love dark songs...so much...


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Mine ....so very commited ;pi gots  you my  my anglophone Friends on blurt it ....... Be good:) I founda translation ..i am



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I've answered this question a few times and my answer is always:

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Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
That song just blows me away, every time I hear it.
Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
I've never heard that song before hippy ... It made me cry and I rarely cry any more .. That's good. See you on a happy question another day then :)
Virginia Lou
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Jaimie so glad you have done this with the music, tonight...felt really good somehow...
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Do You Feel Me by Anthony Hamilton

I used the one with the lyrics (after the first link) showing since the words are so pretty :Makes a great slow dance song.



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Favorite song! ? I don't even have to think about it!

Linkin Park - In the end - Hybrid Theory album - 2000

If i have to make a list of songs for my life. This song is 1st forever. Heard it on 2003, the story got me in a very unspeakable way. The music impressed me unbelievably. This song can bring peace to my heart, bring smile to my face and give me confidence and help me to carry on. It's story is deep! It's a journey a life! Even Linkin Park itself can't eva make a song like this one again! Ever since i fell in love with these six magical man as well!

I can't never take it back eva! This song is part of me! Cause i said so :) !

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Actually more partial to instrumentals.  I've loved "Stranger in Paradise" since I was a teen.  That would be the version by Al Hirt with NO accompaniment. 

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