If you had to choose only one TV channel to watch for one month, which would it be?


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SuperFly Original
thats where they show off all those homes and stuff right?
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Here's a few, Love It or List it, LIOLI,Too, House Hunters, House Hunters International, Tiny House Hunters, Fix or Flop, Flea Market Fines, Property Brothers, Ellen 's Design Channel, Good Bones, Yard and Bath Crashers, Curb Apeal, Backyard Fix.
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HGTV or the Food Network

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There's only a couple channels I regularly watch, anyway.

SyFy and Food Network

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CBS....When the new season starts that is pretty much what will happen. Scorpion, NCIS, NCIS; New Orleans, Criminal Minds

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I read this morning he got a two episode suspension, and could no longer direct. Did more happen this afternoon?

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