A woman was standing on a busy street corner with a sign that read "I need 0.66" what do you think she will do with all that money?


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I lived in galveston back in the 90 and this one drunk had a sign why lie i need a beer. He got more money than all the panhandlers their

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I am thinking maybe she has a specific number she needs for something. Like I helped one young lady who needed just twenty two something and she would have enough for a full tank to get back to Arizona to be with her dad. She did not want anything more. I know cuz I felt bad for her and actually offered her more and she said "no, this is what I needed for gas."

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Yin, excellent story. Here's one. I was a volunteer at a reading program, a client said he just needed someone to show him how to fill out a job application and people were always suggesting he learn how to read. That's not what he wanted. I had him bring in 5 blank job applications. We filled them out and left the date blank, made several copies with his information. He got a job and was the happiest person I have ever seen in my long life. He thanked me for days and days. Before he left in his limited English he told everyone I was the greatest. LOL
Sometimes folks just need a wee bit of help.
30 years ago, I once told a young woman I needed a stable job. She said PRAY this way. I did and was never underemployed again and I spent 30 years in my LOVED job field.
Sometimes just a wee bit of help/information is all someone needs.
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Maybe she put one of the 6's upside down ?¬† ūüėģ

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Um, um, um, I have no idea!!
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Well I don't know either .... I'm just a confused blonde ... I didn't even know I was married to a guy with a Mohawk and a gold chain fetish till about 5 minutes ago :(
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We all have to find out sometime.
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67 cents a can so maybe she already found a penny ! LOL

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