Where does the lovely Brie Larson fall on the 1-10 beauty scale, in your opinion?


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Jann Nikka answered

2.5 on her beauty

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KB Baldwin
KB Baldwin commented
Oh, Jann- she is at least a 4. If she got her hard done like the Bride of Frankenstein (Pictured above) , maybe a 4.5.
Jann Nikka
Jann Nikka commented
Oh, KB, if I judged according to BOF she would get 1.5. I was generous :)
PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

I never thought about it. And if you are the same "anonymous" that keeps asking about other celebrities and their looks. Please stop. You are putting too much importance on people's looks. The thing that looks best on anyone is confidence. 

John McCann Profile
John McCann answered

She is a pretty as you are obsessed!

I don't know if Gator is right about you, Gator may be putting too little importance on people's looks, but since Gator is here often I will assume Gator has your number and you suffere from some sort of obcessive compulsive disorder.

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