I love the philosophical questions! So, the Beatles' 1970 song LET IT BE; have you ever just "let it be" in your life in times of trouble, and how did it work out?

"And when the broken hearted people 
Living in the word agree 
There will be an answer 
let it be "


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Jaimie JT answered

I have Virginia :) I may seem like a not let it be kinda girl on this site cos I come here to vent .... But I've let a lot of things be .... Especially one time I had to and it broke my  heart to let it it be ...but it was the right thing to do ... So it's fine :)and sometimes it's made my heart sing :) but I'm very good at knowing when it's best to " let it be " I'm no ones fool ... Especially not my own :)

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Jaimie that is exquisitely beautiful, if anything I like it better than the Beatles did it.
Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
I love the Beatles even though they were before my time ... But there is some real pain behind this version ... .... I think there is beauty to be found In pain. Yeah it's a lovely version of the song ;) I deleted what I know of the source of pain ... Cos pain is plain :)
Virginia Lou
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jaimie, I listened again...like it even better...and what you say about beauty in pain...omg...wisdom in you, m'dear...
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Didge Doo answered

It's not in my nature just to "let it be". I'm confident of coping with anything that life throws up but that confidence is based on taking appropriate action.

There are certainly times when inaction will get us through -- especially when any possible action will only make things worse -- but I wouldn't be comfortable sitting and waiting for life to happen to me.

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Matt Radiance answered

For me it depends.

Mostly i don't wait for a change to happen, i make the change or in another language, there's no end for me, i will find a way or i build a way.

But sometimes as i believe in destiny i face this moment where i can feel and i can sense i have to "let it be" because this is meant to be and if i push it hard to another direction, it can end up with a bad result. Without trying to change it, without further panic, i try to take few steps back and see where this piece of action of destiny lays on and what the final image could be, the one that we are not always able to see but if we attention. Then i make my further choices according to that.

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Aldrich Ames answered

No. Mostly the hard times in my life I have to get up off my comfy chair and actually do something about it. But the most recent traumatizing event really didn't require much for me to do since the person who was responsible for the crime against me, had everything in their favor. I had no evidence, it'd be completely useless for me to report the crime since even if I somehow had evidence and they were convicted, their punishment would be a complete slap on the wrist. So, tl;dr Mostly no.

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Toxic Hairball answered

We have to be aware of what things we have control over and what we don't. Situations that are beyond our control or are not improved by our involvement are best left to sort themselves out. Let it be. I can't count the many times this has been the best option.

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Virginia Lou answered

I am just awestruck with the beauty and insight of these answers...learned a great deal, with tenderness toward each answerer.

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KB Baldwin answered

I'm a "let it be" kinda guy.  I do cut my losses by not tolerating toxic people, by realizing that "this too shall pass", and taking a "don't sweat the small stuff" attitude. 

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For a multitude of reasons I am both a control freak and impatient. Letting it Be was never an option until I both got older and by learning the hard way that sometimes life just "Is". I now look forward to those times that Letting It Be is prudent. Because it shows me how far I've come and that this life is much bigger than I am. I've learned so much by Letting It Be. Both by acceptance and by faith. Those two lessons were two that I needed and continue to learn in many beautiful ways.

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Virginia Lou
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DragonFly! I am so glad I asked this question...yours is one of the wonderful contemplative answers coming out of it...
Very inspiring thank you.

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