If you could scream one word out right now what would it be ? I pick the word " COMMENCE" there's a story there but maybe there isn't :)


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Hi Jaimie JT,

Well as you know, I love words that are going obsolete or just plain weird, and my current favourite which I actually DO shout out a lot is...                   Wait for it...


(I love it, isn't it beautiful? Meaning to be a little bit drifty, which I think would make our world a better place...)

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I may be a bit Drifty so it's fitting .... I think I may be falling in love again :) I'm watching someone make soup :)
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Oh Jaimie !!
You are helping to save the world...
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Ye glaikit tattie bogle!!

That's Glasgow slang for, "You're a clumsy scarecrow!"

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That makes me sentimental cos I have a soft spot for idiots.... And I miss scarecrows : ) lol :)I can't think of one idiot that I miss
.... Damn !
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@Virginia: That one came up on Ask. I can't recall who introduced it.

@Jaimie: I hope I'm one of the idiots who merit a soft spot. :)
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I have no idea what I was on about when I left that comment :) but yeah you are :)
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Can it be two words?


They beat LSU today, which means they clinched the SEC East Division. And it was a controversial game. It was a make up game, that was postponed from Hurricane Matthew. LSU wouldn't play unless they played in Louisiana. Gators agreed and then won. It was a beautiful thing.

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Is that a hockey game or no ? If its baseball or basketball ... I hate it very much but it's fine with me you love it then. I only like hockey and mixed martial arts. I'm very selfish when it comes to sports and I acsnt change that about myself ... I still hate alll the boring sports,
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College American football. Being Southern it is almost a pre-requisite to love college football.
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Wackaloon!.....In remembrance of one of my favorite Blurtit friends.

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