Are you psycho to go out shopping on Black Friday?


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Thrice Gotcha answered

you coudlnt pay me to watch it on tv let alone to go there youll find the lower class uneducated people lining up there wanting to buy things they have no use for anyway

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Jann Nikka
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@Tiger Agree.
@Thrice, Thousands of those lower class uneducated people where at JCP, Neiman Marcus and some of the wealthiest store in Houston's Galleria, I saw them in Tiffanys, Chanels, Vera Bradley and a host of fancy multiple million dollar stores. Hooooray for the Hundreds of thousands lower class uneducated people.
Thrice Gotcha
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sorry guys i didnt mean no disrespect i just dont find going to be something to my liking but if it suits your fancy i am very happy for the both of you as long as the cheer and joy continues
Jann Nikka
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Hi Thrice, It's millions and millions and millions that go shopping in hundreds of malls. Have a safe Friday 😄
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My dad is going and invited me along. I politely declined. Its not my cup of tea. I refuse to do "Christmas" before thanksgiving. I figure the deals are not worth it. I mean what am I teaching my kids? Ditch the family to battle large mobs? Plus i realized you really aren't saving money in the long run. Last year they put everything on sale closer to Christmas anyways.

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Absolutely Positively Yes and Yes and Absolutely Positively Yes and Yes.

The Crowds, the stores, the excitement, the deals, darling I love, but give me some more money. LOL.

5:30 pm. I see it on TV, but I've never been in any of that chaos. I've been to Walmart every single year never  seen any of  that crazy foolishness. I was just at JCPenney, waited in a orderly line of over 500 people in the mall and none of that stuff was happening. I received  several coupons. Orderly lines. 

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Yin And Yang
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You are BRAVE! I bet you are brave enough to take a bite of my cooking to!!!! Lol! Happy birthday my friend!
Jann Nikka
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Absolutely Positively Yes I've be happy to eat your food. Yumm6
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Woof Woofy answered

im actually disappointed that black friday finally made its way to Canada. Would suck to have the chaos here. (saw some black friday Advertisements at the mall. and heard a bunch on the radio)

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Skip Gentry answered

I usually stay away from the stores on Black Friday. I agree with what Yin said.

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Lard Ass answered

I used to do it, never really needed anything though, bought a couple of big ticket items over the years like that, kinda enjoyed just being out, definitely had to bring the no hurry attitude. Now.....forget it!

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PJ Stein answered

I worked retail for over 15 years and had to be working that mess. Since I quit that 17 years ago, I have been out for Black Friday 3 times and the last one was 8 years ago. All those three times had something specific that I had wanted at a great price. I went in got what I wanted and then went home. And only once was I there at the store opening. I rather spend the day with visiting with family that is in town.

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Levi F. answered

Depends on where you're shopping. I wouldn't set foot in a WalMart on Black Friday, but I went to an upscale mall last year, and though it was crowded, you didn't see people trampling each other over flat-screen TVs. This year I elected to do my Black Friday online, however.

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