Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?


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If I had any gifts for Christmas, I'd open them on Christmas Day. I always thought it was weird for people to open them any day before, like couldn't you just wait one day?? :P

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My oldest son has a big Christmas party on Christmas Eve and that's when we open gifts. When the kids were little, we always let them open one gift on Christmas Eve and the rest were opened on Christmas day.

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Everything on Christmas Day

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How about this Tuesday and Wednesday. Ya see, my wife and I don't do things traditionally. This year, we bought each other a brand new folding knife. I know, interesting choice of gifts. Mine arrives on tuesday and hers arrives on Wednesday. Then, on Christmas, we spend the day together. They are really cool. Hers is a Cold Steel Finn Wolf modeled after a Finnish hunting knife and mine is the Cold Steel Spartan which was modeled after the Spartan Kopis sword. I don't really know where I was going with that. I'm exaughsted. Don't mind me.

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When the kids were little they lobbied for Christmas morning.  I thought that was cool until my idea of Christmas morning (8:00 AM) and theirs (4:00 AM) didn't quite work out.  Once they got older Christmas Eve was a fair compromise for both sides.

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Set a new record in hospital stays, four times in one year! Not going to try and break that one in the coming year. Not giving up on this end until the big guy says it is time! Hay, it could alway be worse! Going to welcome grandchild number 7 this July. Looking forward for good things in 2017. Merry Christmas to you any yours also.
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When I was younger it was a few when my grandfather was in town the weekend before christmas  (which will be this coming weekend this year), one new years Eve from whatever parent I was staying with and presents from my step mothers parents, then everything else from my parents + dad's mom and grandmother christmas day

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Christmas Day. I hate Christmas, anyone who sends me presents I don't like should not exist. (Since most of the people who send me presents have known me my entire life.)

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Our family tradition (which I fought against and lost), it to open one present on Christmas eve, and then the rest (starting with the stockings) in the morning.

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As a kid we were allowed 1 on Christmas Eve. Now I insist that we don't open till Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is not Christmas.

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