I saw the first SW and was not impressed at all...never saw anymore...why such a rage over the series?


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I went bananas over the first Star Wars movie. I'm a space nut. The next two movies were great too but the newer ones, the prequels, are just not entertaining to me.

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Jann Nikka
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Totally agree. The Awaken was a disaster :( Haven't decided on seeing the Rogue yet. Looked worst.
Ancient Hippy
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I'll watch all of the new Star Wars, but wait till I can watch them at home.
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Sounds good.
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First ... When it first came out, it was a technological leap in movies.  If you want a comparison, "Flash Gordon" came out about the same time as the first StarWars movie ... Yet it looks a decade (at least) behind, in terms of movie making.

Second ... There are plenty of fans of science fiction. 

Third ... There are people who will see a movie, just because of the hype.  And then THEY contribute to the hype - sometimes so that they don't feel so bad for falling for they hype and seeing a bad movie.  LOL

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lady horse
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When I was young I liked "Lost in Space" for awhile. Never got into "Flash Gordon" or even "Star Trek" later. Not even a James Bond fan.
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If you are talking about Star Wars and you don't think it's the shizat?  ...... You're my nemisis now ;)  it's the bomb digitty ... No doubt ;p  shall we listen to the digity song now ? Yes we shall .... DANCE BREAK! Please stand by.... You will be returned to your regular scheduled programming after these brief messages.....

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