Did we all have a good Christmas day? Had anyone snow? Did a fat old bloke in red dislodge any of your roof tiles? Are you all still sober?

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Ancient Hippy answered

I had a great Christmas day. No snow though, unseasonably warm in my area.

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HappyTo BeGone answered

I had a very nice Christmas.  Thank you.

The rain melted the snow, but for awhile it was icy. 

Santa didn't bring me anything.  No coal, nothing!  I think he skipped my house.  Santa must not like cats.

I'm sober. 

How was your Christmas?  I'd really like to know how "legends" live!

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1) My Christmas was the "bombdiggity" ( I know you're too old to understand that term but it's okay , I forgive you)

2)  no snow flying but lots on the ground.

3) My roof stayed Intact but I think I ended up on some old dudes lap.....

4) sober? See response to question 3 .... Yeah nah :p 

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I did have a good time. I had most of my family from both my husband's side and mine over. Most were here in the afternoon, but others came over later and we played a new game. Clean up today was a challenge. Hard to wash dishes with a burnt hand, so the dishwasher was loaded and reloaded throughout the day.

Too far south for snow, but we did have some "melted snow" fall.

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HappyTo BeGone
HappyTo BeGone commented
Ouch! What happened?
PJ Stein
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Grabbed a hot pizza peel that had just been taken out of the oven to move it so no one would get burnt. Yes, I know how stupid that sounds.
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Yes, Christmas was quite nice. Bright and sunny here--no chance of snow. I'm completely sober too--I'm saving that for New Year's. I'm getting tanked on the 31st :P

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It was quiet here. I worked on a 750-piece puzzle, fighting with my cat about leaving the pieces alone and quit knocking them on the floor. My son and his girlfriend came over and gave me a mushy card and chocolate and opened the gifts I had for them and helped me with the puzzle. Then they left to go to visit other relatives while I sat at home with no wine. ##sad face.

Other than that, we are all waiting for her to go into labor.  She's more than ready to have this baby!

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