What are some other good sites that offer similar services to Netflix or Hulu?


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Happy New Year, Corey!

We've been using Amazon video for the last few months. I'm enjoying their original shows like, The Man in the High Tower. In our house we always have Netflix but usually only have Hulu or Amazon.

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Corey The Goofyhawk
Happy New Year, Dragonfly!! I didn't know Amazon offered a service like that. They really do have everything!
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England doesn't get the groceries service though! Shame, although quite frankly I'm glad they don't do the fridge buttons in england.
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I honestly think it's a little much how you can order almost any item from your bed, just by slamming the button like you slam your alarm clock. If this keeps going, humanity will never leave their front doors ever again.
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Hi Corey!!! :) I have a mygica box attached to my television so I can watch any movie or show just by typing it in....cost under 200 and is no monthly bill....I have no idea how it works but I can watch rogue one right now if I want to ....you're jealous again yeah ? :p

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I found stremio http://alternativeto.net/software/stremio/.

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Amazon LOVEFilm, Similar to netflix. Cheaper. I think there might be some diferences though.

Amazon Prime, cheap, precise and with amazon video, you can rent AND buy with it, specific videos and works with BBC shows.

(And no, I wasn't bribed a Follower on blurtit for this shameless amazon ad, they threatend me if I didn't they would force me to watch ghostbusters 2016 over and over and over and over.)

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