What's the best sitcom ever?


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My favorite was M*A*S*H.  I'm not much of a sitcom watcher because most of them are kind of silly.

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I enjoyed the old school ones, M*A*S*H*, The Honeymooners, All in the Family, I Love Lucy, Everybody Loves Raymond. I'm glad you're back and asking questions again, Roy!

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"All in the Family" 

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No question, no argument, one stands out above all others: Yes Prime Minister. I was in awe of the script writers; it was a work of genius.

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Peggy Bundy!!!!! Married with With Children for sure!!!!!

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So funny!
Yin And Yang
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Tiger, the first season was a little "slow" kind of. Funny but not as funny as they became. Seasons 2-9ish or 10 are absolutely hilarious in an odd but silly way. Like one episode Peggy (the housewife) cons the peppy young liberal newly wed neighbor into doing their laundry and she notices a sweat stain left in one of Peggys husbands work shirts which is in the shape of Elvis Presley's head. So she calls up her Elvis Presley fan club and it just goes crazy with Elvis fans taking pictures with the shirt and buying tickets to sit on their couch. Silly like that. Another episode Al (her starving husband) insists that she cook him a full meal, he doesn't care what it is, she could cook him up for all he cares.... he just wants to be part of the food cycle! Lol! So she huffs and puffs and finally caves in.... and cooks him a home cooked turkey dinner the same day he sees a dentist who happens to be going through a heated divorce. Al is his patient sitting in the chair when he gets the call that his ex wife is taking his prized baseball card collection and the dentist is sooooooo mad he is shaking! LOLOLOLOLOL! Poor Al don't get to eat his turkey dinner! But then the final seasons get a little too "sensual" silly for me. (Cracking too many not so hidden sexual innuendos.)
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You are very welcome my friend. :0)
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I've always enjoyed Dick Van Dike, Reba, and Home Improvement along with its modern counterpart, Last Man Standing.

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I liked Reba also! I read somewhere that BJ and Reba were actually close friends in real life. LOL!
Corey The Goofyhawk
I heard that too. Reba makes an appearance on BJs other show, Baby Daddy, as well. Melissa Peterman is her name I think. That show is funny too!

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