is gaga or beyonce better?


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I hate Lady Gaga. People didn't even know about her til she started being such a freak and starting rumors about being a hermaphrodite. Seriously how desperate do you have to be for publicity to say that? Her music sucks. She has no real musical talent. It's insulting Beyonce to even compare the two.

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I'm a normal chap. I quite like looking at both.

I wouldn't cross the road to listen to either.

Here's someone who is nice to look at and CAN sing.

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Jann Nikka
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She's kinda reminded me of the late Karen Carpenter nice song :)
Ray  Dart
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If you want more. Performed and recorded live in 1977:
Jann Nikka
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Thanks ;)
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At what?

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Neither can sing, neither look attractive, both just like to shock people because they really have no talent or personality.  BeyoncĂ© hands her talent to Sasha Fierce, Gaga has a alter named Jo, neither of which sounds mentally healthy or what you'd want your children to look on as role models.  A total shambles. 

Give me Ella Fitzgerald any day.

Etta James

Billie Holiday

Truly great singers who needed no editing or warbling, no shock value, or writhing around half naked. They were simply as smooth and heartfelt as you can get.

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