Riddle:I Am The Beginning Of The End, And The End Of Time And Space. I Am Essential To Creation, And I Surround Every Place.Is There Anyone Who Know?


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Katie Harry answered
Interesting riddle! The answer to this is the letter 'E'.

Let me explain how:

Beginning of The End: The word 'end' 'begins' with the letter 'E'.

End of time and space: The words 'Time' and 'Space' 'end' with the letter 'E'

Essential to Creation: Without 'E' the word creation becomes 'creation' which has no meaning.

Surround Every place: Look at the letter at the start of Every and at the end of Place. Guess what, 'E' again! It surrounds the phrase 'every place'.

How's that?
Jeffrey Dressler Profile
The letter E! Nice wording though, better than others.
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Mark Wells answered
Christ Jesus!  :o)

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