Using the first letter of your new username, what's one word that describes you? We'll jump in with more in comments. Hopefully, this will play out as a compliment game....if I can control myself.


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Jumpin' Jehoesaphat!  I'm a jerk!

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Yin And Yang
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Smart, supreme, sweet, swift, special, supportive, smiley, steady, safe, saint, savy, saucy, sexy, shiny, suave, sharp, shy, shoulder to cry on, skilled, soulful, splendid, strong, stylish, sympathetic, soft spoken, sweetheart, survivor!
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Yin, you're to sweet!!!!!!!! :)
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After yesterday and today, tired seems to fit well.

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Wow---360 directions to ride off in

I'll try and make this interesting---I'll list 3.  Eliminate the one you can reasonably know is inapplicable, and choose which of the other two fits best and let loose.

1) thoughtfful

2) tribadistic

3) terse

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Yapper! Lol!


Yucky food maker! 😂😂😂


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