Hello.Do you play online games?


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Only 2

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Only 2

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Hello Daniel! Not anymore! I now hate online gaming and sitting at one place for too long! I prefer mobile gaming and apps such as Harissapp’s platformer can entertain me for hours. Simple and addictive titles are my favourite. These days, I find most of my apps on play.google.com. However, I often check stores like softonic.com for a wider choice. I used to play online a few years ago and the game I was fond of was FarmVille! As you must have guessed, it’s a farming simulation social network game; it was free back in the days. However, its social features made it hard to carry on and I soon gave up for mobile thrills!

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Hello there,

Yes, I really love to play online games. I like to try out
different ones on various platforms. Lately, I discovered a music quiz on this site:https://www.play-up.co.uk/. I had thought that I knew almost everything about my favourite artists and their songs, but I learned many new tracks and trivia details about them through this game. I also play on this website: http://www.addictinggames.com/tag/escape-games.jsp. I mostly enjoy hidden objects and escape games as I have to use my brain to win. What about you?

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