Attention cooking geniuses! What am I doing wrong? (Please read comment below)


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It's happened on different multiple occasions. My chicken breast comes out the consistency of tuna! This time I put 3 chicken breasts in the crock pot, 1 thing of chicken broth, 1 small onion, garlic salt. Cook on low for about 9/10 hours. Somehow my dang chicken smelled like roast, tasted like chicken but had the consistency of tuna? Does anyone know why?

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Because you cooked it too long in the Crock-Pot, it's overcooked. Next time for 3 to 4 hours in the Crock-Pot on low.

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You cooked it for too long in too much liquid. If you used a whole carton of broth, that is a quart. Cut it in half. Cut your cooking time to 6 hours.

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I never thought of it having too much liquid. Thank you my friend. I will remember that. I did use the whole carton. Lol! 😊
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Thank you Willie :) For your pointers on making Chicken breast i want make some , now i know how to cook them without over cooking them. Now i know when i make chicken breast why it use to come out so dry that it was hard to eat and needed to be more moist.

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Oh I would have been really disappointed but as long as it
tasted good, it is fine. You have cooked the chicken for too long and in too
much broth. It is overcooked. If you had left it for more time on the stove,
your dish might have turned into a thick soup.

Let us know the outcome when you try to make this again.

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