If you could play a scene in a movie, what would it be and which character would you play?


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Willie B. good Profile
Willie B. good answered

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, I guess we're not in Kansas anymore Toto, Or Ralphie's mom from A Christmas Story, you'll shoot your eye out! Or Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind, fiddly Dee!

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Skip Gentry answered

Allie from The Notebook. The scene where they are in the boat when the storm comes. Oh, to be young again.

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Mountain Man answered

Lieutenant Frank Bullitt in the chase scene from " Bullitt ".

Straight Edge  Society Profile

I like to play Mrs Doubtfire use to be played by the late Robin Williams

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Taila Nevado answered


That is definitely a difficult question. I do not know if I
answered this before but I would not mind being in any of the Harry Potter
movies and experience the magic of Hogwarts! If it is during one of their
feasts, that would have been even more fantastic! As for which character I
would play, I guess I would be strong and brave Hermione.

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