What are some things to do occasionally but definitely not every day?


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Go out for dinner.

Change the oil in the vehicles.

Bath the dogs.

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Going to a restaurant to eat out , it can become expensive no matter where you go also ordering take out can become expensive i rather spend the money on food to cook at home so much better and less expensive you figure you order food out it can cost $37.00 now that money could be used to buy food at the store so my point it's not worth it now in Pennsylvania places around me are charging a $1.50 surcharge fee for delivery. I tell my cousins don't you dare give the driver a tip he is making money by surcharges .

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The surge charge goes to gas or insurance not the driver. You should always tip your driver, especially if it is a bad weather day, including extremely hot days. If you can't afford to tip, then don't eat out or order in.
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Yeah i don't live high on the hog like Florida people do
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I have been where I couldn't afford a McDonalds cheeseburger. It was a PB&J at home. I also know a lot who have relied on their tips to pay their rent. Not tipping because of a surcharge is hurting the delivery person. The surcharge goes to the company they work for.
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Camp or my case glamp. (I need a/c.)  It is great to get out in nature and recharge, but I do enjoy the added space in my house.

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