Do you play crypto games? What are your favorite?


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Kathleen Griffin Profile

Hello there. I think it all depends on what exactly games do you want to play. I can recommend to try gambling. In general you can choose any popular casino site by reviews. I even read that you can play for cryptocurrency, I think this variant looks really interesting. I tried easy crypto game for a gambling novice and I liked it! Maybe you will try too!

Sophie Carroll Profile
Sophie Carroll answered

With no doubt play to earn is the future of gaming industry. Gamers and developers will switch to a play-to-earn model as it benefits to both parties. So, definitely you better get some play to earn games. Try some of these:

- Coin Hunt World

- Wolf Game

- Blankos Block Party

- Plant Vs Undead

- Gods Unchained.

This list can be really long!

Karl Sagan Profile
Karl Sagan answered

Hello, dear readers. First of all, I want to tell you that I recently found a game that has already begun to gain more and more popularity. It's called , the main feature of it is that the game process is completely transparent. This means that everything is very honest, you can be sure that no one will cheat.

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