What Sort Of Wood Is A Cello Made From?


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The cello is made from wood; however in these modern times some cello bodies are also made up of carbon fibre, thus making the cello more strong and durable and resistance to humidity and temperature fluctuations. The carbon fibre cellos are very suitable for outdoor shows.

A traditional cello normally consists of a spruce top, and maple on its back, neck and sides. Sometimes for the back of cello even woods like Poplar and Willow are used. The high end cello is normally hand carved whereas the lower end 'celli's' are machine made.

Any person who knows or is learning to play a cello is called a cellist, the cello is a very popular instrument it is used in the art of chamber music, the cello is also said to be the foundation of the modern orchestral sound.
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Spruce is usually the best kind of wood. Sometimes maple. Carbon fiber is also very popular.

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