I'm Writing An Essay In MLA Format. I Have Song Lyrics In It, Longer Than 4 Lines, And I'm Not Sure How To Write Them In. Single Space? Indented? Quotation Marks? Help!


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Quoting verse or lyrics
The only additional rules to remember when you are quoting poetry or song lyrics in your paper is that you need to maintain the original line breaks. And when you are quoting verses, the parenthetical citation includes the author and the line numbers, rather then the page number.


•Cullen concludes, "Of all the things that happened there/ That's all I remember" (11-12).
•"Of all the things that happened there/ That's all I remember" (Cullen 11-12).
•In her poem "Sources," Adrienne Rich explores the roles of women in shaping their world:

    The faithful drudging child
    the child at the oak desk whose penmanship,
    hard work, style will win her prizes
    becomes the woman with a mission, not to win prizes
    but to change the laws of history. (23)
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