How Do You Make A Toy Soldier Out Of Large Clay Pots?


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Take five clay pots. Make sure that they are coloured red, black and blue. You can paint two of them blue, one red, one black and leave the last one as it is. Then use a black stripe to the rim of the unpainted and one of the blue pots. Place the blue pot with the black rim, rimside down on the work surface. Next fix the bases of the blue pots and make sure that they are aligned properly. What you have done is you've given blue trousers and black shoes to the toy soldier.

Your next step should be to attach the red pot, the rim portion, to the rim of the blue pot. After this, connect the base of the unpainted pot to the base of the red pot. In the end, add the black pot with the rim facing down. Use thin strip like a gold ribbon for the hat, sticky-back felt for the trouser and stripes of the shirt. Use regular felt for the buttons and belt. A simple brass ring can serve well as a belt buckle. Twenty odd goldbeads can be weaved together with a gold sequin at each end to decorate the hat. You can paint the face on the clay if you want, or stick plastic eyes and mouth on the toy soldier moulded from clay.

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