How Do Consignment Shops Work?


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The term consignment shop is defined as a second-hand store that offers used goods. The goods on sale in a consignment shop are sold at a much lower price than new goods. The dealer pays the seller only after he has sold the goods to the customers. In a consignment shop, the seller is basically the middleman between the authorised dealer of the goods (from whom the seller procures the goods to be sold in his consignment shop) and the customers.

The merchandise which is commonly sold in a consignment shop includes antiques, sports goods and athletic equipment, automobiles, books, clothing (especially the clothes worn by children, women in maternity wards and wedding clothes which are, more often than not, as good as new), furniture, music, musical instruments, tools and toys. The largest online retailer in the world, eBay, has several drop-off stores which are based on the consignment model of retail selling.

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