Who Can Tell Me The Good And Bad Effects Of Television As Medium Of Communication?


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Good Effects of Television :

1) It helps the students to learn from several different sources.
2) It gives them an audio visual aspect to their learning and you could thereby ingest volumes of information in several books in a manner of hours.
3) Some television channels solely exist for the purpose of distant learning.
4) The news sources on television can help you remain updated about the world around you.
5) You can easily see the opinions of people and the general vibe in the environment you exist just by paying close attention to the talk shows.

Bad Effects:

1) Can prove to be a big distraction affecting day to day work.
2) People dumb down as a result of watching programming that is not effective or constructive in anyway.
3) People do not tend to be generally critical of what they hear or see on television.
4) People addicted to television have several problems related to obesity due to numerous hours of inactivity.

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