Who Is The Longest-Running Character In EastEnders?


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The longest-running character in EastEnders is Ian Beale, who is played by Adam Woodyatt.

There is an internet myth that the mysteriously quiet Queen Vic barmaid known only as 'Tracey' is the longest-running character, but she actually first appeared on the soap in 1986 as a flower stall attendant.

Longest-running EastEnder: Ian Beale

Ian first appeared in EastEnders on 19 February 1985, the first ever episode of the soap. He is the only remaining character out of the original cast who hasn't had a break.

Here are some interesting facts about Ian Beale:

  • Ian is the nephew of Pauline Fowler, and the son of Pete and Kathy Beale.
  • His cousins are Michelle, Mark and Martin, who are the children of Pauline Fowler.
  • Ian sees himself as the 'entrepreneur of Walford' because of his many business involvements.
  • His character has had an interest in business from an early age.
  • He has been married three times, each one ending in disaster (he mentions this A LOT)
  • Ian has three children - Lucy, Peter and Bobby.
The history of Ian Beale

Ian is something of a tragic character in the show (yes, even more so than the rest of them).
He has lost numerous family members. His father, Pete, died in 1993. His mother, Kathy, recently died in a car accident abroad. His aunt, Pauline, died in the square on Christmas Day 2006. Mark, his cousin, died in 2004, after a long battle with AIDS.
As far as his relationships go, Beale has a pretty unsuccessful record when it comes to love.

The following women have all been romantically linked with Ian, although his affair with Glenda was fairly brief (she met her fate descending a staircase head-first!):

  1. Cindy Beale
  2. Melanie Owen
  3. Jane Collins
  4. Glenda Mitchell
  5. Mandy Salter
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Tracy the Barmaid has also been there since the beginning, like Ian Beale, but has always been a minor character.
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Ian Beale.
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Tracey has been there 25 years and she's the best. She might only be a minor character but she's good.

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