I Was Wondering About What To Wear On A First Date(dinner And A Movie),for Someone With A Limited Wardrobe?


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donna jackson answered
It is important to wear some thing comfortable, so you feel relaxed and can be yourself. Since this is the first date, you
do not want to create the wrong impression, and be too casual and sloppy, but on the other hand you want to look good right?
So a nice pair of clean jeans or trousers, with a shirt and smart pullover that compliment your colouring, are acceptable for either a man or woman.
Everyone should have these in their wardrobes as a basic minimum. Be sure you have washed your hair and it looks it's best, and wear deodrant  and a little scent, notice I said a little, you don't want to overpower your date with your products, before you start,it will make you feel more confident, if you know you are attracive to them.
Make sure not to be late, this will get you both off to a bad start, and it is not a way to prove you are hard to get, but rather, may make your date nervous and uncomfortable.
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grace couch answered
Well  I would wear a nice pear of dress pants and a shirt and pear of casual shoes a little make up and a nice hair style ...if you like dresses in stead of pants then go with something casual .

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