Where I Can Download Music Like On The Website Without Filling In Anything?


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There are plenty of such sites. However, I can't vouch for their level of safety or security. In any case, three seemingly good sites would be,  And Where you don't have to pay anything or give out any details as such. The latter sites do ask for a few details like your name, but you can simply use a pseudonym, if not comfortable.

You will find, a growing number of artists actually permit their songs to be freely downloaded by fans from their websites. However, frequently these are just short previews or possibly a low quality sampling. Still others offer embedded services in official their sites so as to encourage purchases of either their singles or albums, as you will find on Metallica's official website.

You can even try using programs or websites like the popular limewire, kazaa, and bearlite.
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Don't use limewire kazaa or bearlite because people are getting busted using them. Use bittorrent (for windows) or azureus (for Linux) and use peer guardian 2(for windows) or moblogger (for Linux) with the updated block lists from You can also use some ip hiding software as well if you want. There are stages you go through with regards to piracy, you'll get a few letters from your isp before any legal proceedings start against you. The less information they have the better, so its important to lock out the root of all evil (RIAA). The RIAA actually hack your computer even if you don't use bittorrent, when you install peerguardian 2 you'll see limelight networks pop up loads, well that's them. If they find an open port they will begin searching your pc and installing spyware and will also exploit your browsing habits for sale to market research companies.

The main sites to use are mininova, isohunt, the pirate bay, sometimes sumo torrent

Make sure you encryption enabled in the settings and disable incoming legacy connections. Also make sure you have upnp or the appropriate port forwarded on your router (port forwarding is preferable to pnp as upnp has security issues)

If you ever get in trouble just say someone must of hacked your wife again so dont worry. Or as you may have figured you could use someone else's wifi connection for total peace of mind. I wont explain here how but if you Google backtrack3 ul be fine.

Right that's my quids worth, i was just annoyed at the post above for being so ignorant and suggesting limewire kazaa etc urrr lol.


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